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Rat and Mice Removal

Mice and rats cause damage to your property, as well as transmit diseases. If the rats decide to attack appliance cables, they will chew through them, and these cables will not work properly after they have been gnawed on. This could be an electrical hazard waiting to happen if the rats are not dealt with right away.

They are a very disgusting pest to have in your home. If neighbors and friends visit you and see that a rat or mouse, they will likely make assumptions about your hygienic living conditions. If you want to remove them, as well as their nests, then you’re going to need to call our experts. We don’t just target the pest but also their homes.

They are generally good at hiding where humans usually don’t go. Sometimes people will try to capture them themselves. However, this can result in wasted energy, time and money. Also, you might catch diseases trying to eliminate these creatures. It’s best to let an expert do the job for you, hazard-free and money-wise, guaranteed!

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Our exterminators will be able to remove your rodent problem without inconveniencing your family. We perform an inspection and then determine the best course of action based on our findings and the layout of your home. Call (817) 522-3223 and we’d be glad to schedule your appointment or answer any questions.

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