Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

  Honey bees, in general, do not infest homes the way that other flying pests do. However, they can cause quite a bit of damage when they do. They will chew completely through walls in order to get inside and then they will start storing large amounts of honey. These acts as an invitation to other bees and […]

Rodent Control – Rats and Mice

Having rodents in your home generally is a hassle. Mice and rats cause damage to your properties, as well as transmit diseases. If your rats decide to attack appliance cables, they will chew through them, and these cables will not work properly after they have gnawed these. They are a very disgusting pest to have […]

Drywood Termites

Arlington termite removal service will identify the type of termite you are seeing in your home or business and then get rid of them. What are drywood termites? They live in dry wood and therefore can be found in everything from wooden rocking chairs and bookshelves to hardwood flooring or walls. Of the hundreds of their […]

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