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About Us

Our technicians are well-trained, with years of experience and we take pride in helping residents eliminate their pest problems. In the Arlington, Texas area all of our exterminators treat their work seriously.

We serve Tarrant County and surrounding cities, both homes and businesses. By using our expert knowledge and experience in this field, we deliver highly effective solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Annual Services

We know that many customers do not have the patience to deal with the hassles of invasive pests. Luckily, we can provide regular, scheduled treatment plans. It’s not required that you sign-up for an annual treatment plan, it is just one of the many services we offer. With this type of agreement, if you notice a problem anytime in between your scheduled treatments, you just phone us and we send a technician out to check on the problem.

We can also provide one-time applications, but we like to mention that not all bugs will qualify for a single treatment. Certain pests will need additional treatments but we can discuss this with you in detail when we learn what issue you’re having.

Affordable and Effective

Residential Services

Our team of professional pest control technicians were carefully selected so that we can provide specialized services to Arlington residents. Some of our techs are skilled in residential pest solutions and this helps us to effectively eliminate the rodents, termites, bed bugs or insects invading your space.

In addition, we do not use the same approach for every property we treat. Your home will have it’s own customized treatment plan drafted so that existing pests are controlled, but also to help prevent any future invasions.

Reliable and Efficient

Commercial Services

Arlington Pest Control & Exterminators offers a number of treatment programs for business establishments in and around the Tarrant County area.

Our commercial clients consist of dining places, colleges, condominium buildings, retail businesses and churches. Whether you are experiencing an unfortunate termite issue, or maybe the rodents keep invading your kitchen; whatever your concern is, we have the solutions to resolve it. 

Guaranteed Results

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We’d be more than willing to help and answer any questions you may have about any of our services or a particular pest problem you face. You will find us easy to work with, skilled, straightforward and always ready to keep our customers happy.  Call (817) 522-3223 today to learn more about our variety of Arlington pest services.

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